The iPhone is Apple’s solution to the Enterprise,

Even though most every one agrees when it comes to Apple and Enterprise, the iPhone is helping Apple reach into Enterprise. Apple had only had 1% in Oct. 2006 and jumped to 4.5 just 9 months later. It is no coincidence that the iPhone was announced in Jan. 2007 and started shipping that summer.

This is significant because Enterprise adoption of Mac’s had been at a stand still.

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The surprising findings come in a report Forrester Research released today. The long-winded title: “Corporate Desktop Operating System Trends, Q4 2007 Through Q2 2008: Windows Vista Deployments Are Finally Ramping Up, While Mac Continues Its Slow March on the Enterprise.” The analyst firm monthly surveyed more than 50,000 enterprise end users from 2,500 organizations to compile the operating system trends.

Enterprise OS Adoption
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