Boy allegedly forced to use hands to unclog toilet

I don’t like the idea of a group of complete strangers trying to teach 30 other kids.
School violence, pedophiles, horrible teachers, gangs…
Just because children are the same age and live in the same area are not reason’s to try to put them into a room and be able to teach them all.
Children develop differently and have specific challenges.
Ask any school aged child and he will use the phrase, ‘I have to go to school’ If you want a child to learn, you have to make it interesting. There are too many cliches and fashion shows in schools. Children don’t go to school to learn, the go because that is where their friends are. Children that are shy or different are tormented for 12 years and hate school.
I have been watching “The Principle” on TruTV and it is a real insight into the school system from the administrator’s view. One Principle made a student staple and tape his jean’s or face in-school suspension.
Some of the children just don’t want to be at school and the program shows that. They hate school, the teachers, the Principal, and everyone else.
Our school system is one of the worst in the industrial world and I want my son to grow up learning about the world and industry and travel and nature… and not whether or not he owns the newest iPod or has Halo 3.

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Boy allegedly forced to use hands to unclog toilet

EAGAN, Minn. – An elementary school principal could be disciplined for allegedly forcing a 6-year-old boy to unclog a toilet with his bare hands. The principal of Rahn Elementary has been on paid leave since mid-December while the school district investigated a complaint from the boy’s parents. The school board proposed disciplinary action on Thursday. The nature of the discipline wasn’t made public.

The boy’s parents claim their son told them the principal made him clean out a toilet bowl that the boy had accidentally clogged on Dec. 12. The boy told his parents he wiped himself with paper towels, instead of toilet paper, causing the clog.

The principal declined to respond to the claims Thursday. He also didn’t say what disciplinary action was proposed and whether he’d appeal.

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