Conficker Computer Worm a Bust so Far

The attackers didn’t attack today, even though the virus has April 1st in the code. The worm creators are likely to sell slices of a ‘botnet’ to spammers so that the infected computers can be used to send spam.

I don’t read virus alerts because I have a Mac and I had no idea that this worm was out there until a relative emailed me very upset about this. I am so glad that I don’t have to worry about virus’, worms, bots, ect. I have enough to worry about.

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Conficker Computer Worm A Bust So Far

Little Impact Seen From Latest Computer Attack Timed For April 1

As expected, the Conficker worm failed to cause the digital pandemonium that some may have feared.
So, can we all just go back to playing on Facebook and watching the game now?
Not really. Just because the worm failed to create much of a stir on the day it was set to activate, April 1, doesn’t mean it won’t wake up and act later.
“The (malicious) hackers can tell their worm to do something any day of the year; they’re just as likely to do it tomorrow or next Wednesday or in August,” said Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant with Sophos.
Today, as on any day, PC users should make sure their systems are patched and running the latest security software. People should patch their systems to close the hole in Windows it exploits and update their anti-virus software. The major anti-virus vendors all have free Conficker removal tools.
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