Steve Jobs – 61st out of the 400 Riches Americans

The co-founder of Apple, the previous owner of Pixar and the top shareholder of Disney.
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#61 Steven Jobs

The 400 Richest Americans

Jobs dismisses health worries, but shareholders fret his pancreatic cancer has returned after gaunt pictures of the King of the iGeeks surfaced in June. Stock up more than 100% between January 2007 and January 2008; now down 16% as the market reacts to health concerns. Launched new iPhone 3G in July. Sleeker, faster gadget sells for $300, half the price of the original; sold one million units on first weekend. Original iPhone took 74 days to reach millionth sale. Founded Apple in garage. Created Macintosh 1976, fired 9 years later after power struggle with chief exec John Sculley. Bought Pixar for $10 million, transformed firm into animation darling with hits Toy Story, Finding Nemo. Sold to Disney 2006 for 7.3% stake in the company—now worth $4.3 billion. Returned to Apple 1996. A third of Apple’s $24 billion annual revenues are from iPod. Tweaked iterations introduced last month.
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Google, 10 years in: big, friendly giant or a greedy Goliath?

Google, 10 years in: big, friendly giant or a greedy Goliath?

Every day, all over the world, millions of us use Google. Founded 10 years ago by two students, it is now so powerful that it threatens to swallow up all other media while global leaders queue for its blessing. But just as we seek knowledge from Google, so Google gleans secrets from us. Has the cool baby grown up into a sinister corporate threat to privacy? David Smith reports

Google, 10 years in: big, friendly giant or a greedy Goliath? | Media | The Observer.

Comcast to cap online use

The cap will be set at 250gb. If you go over that, you get a courtesy call from Comcast as a first warning. The second time that you go over, your account will be immediately suspended for an entire calendar year. People that watch movies or video’s online are going to be hit hard because you can go over your daily limit in minutes.

And don’t forget that companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and others are offering online (cloud) storage. Some applications such as Google’s are online and would be completely inaccessible to small business’s or home offices.

Plus there are X-box, Playstation, Nintendo and many other consumer boxes that require the internet to access online games, calenders, address books, and even clocks.

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Comcast to cap monthly consumer broadband

Comcast notes that the median usage for most residential customers falls somewhere between 2GB and 3GB, a number that is regularly broken within a matter of hours and sometimes minutes by customers taking advantage of streaming HD video and online backup services. The company breaks down basic usage numbers similar to what’s seen on the marketing materials on a consumer hard drive:

* Send 50 million e-mails (at 0.05KB/e-mail)

* Download 62,500 songs (at 4MB/song)

* Download 125 standard-definition movies (at 2GB/movie)

* Upload 25,000 high-resolution digital photos (at 10MB/photo)

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The iPhone is Apple’s solution to the Enterprise,

Even though most every one agrees when it comes to Apple and Enterprise, the iPhone is helping Apple reach into Enterprise. Apple had only had 1% in Oct. 2006 and jumped to 4.5 just 9 months later. It is no coincidence that the iPhone was announced in Jan. 2007 and started shipping that summer.

This is significant because Enterprise adoption of Mac’s had been at a stand still.

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The surprising findings come in a report Forrester Research released today. The long-winded title: “Corporate Desktop Operating System Trends, Q4 2007 Through Q2 2008: Windows Vista Deployments Are Finally Ramping Up, While Mac Continues Its Slow March on the Enterprise.” The analyst firm monthly surveyed more than 50,000 enterprise end users from 2,500 organizations to compile the operating system trends.

Enterprise OS Adoption
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Washington Post blog about the new iPhone cause’s strange comments

There are some truely angry and strange comments on this blog about not only Apple but Capitalism, Corporate greed, liberals, Prius…

Some of the comments are about having pity for the shallow people that have to HAVE the newest product that Apple and the Evil Corporate world are shoving down our throats.
Some are about people not lining up for social good but standing in line for phone that cost’s $200 and that you should spend that money on doing good for society.
Some are about giving away all of your possession and never buying anything frivolous.

How did a simple blog about the iPhone turn into a political and social discussion that angers so many people?

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Faster Forward

Don’t Run Out To Buy An iPhone Today

Hilarious. All these people casting their holier-than-thou judgment on folks who are excited about a cool gadget. I assume you people have sold all every unnecessary item in your life and given all the money to charity? I’m sure that you’ve never, ever gotten excited about some inanimate object in your life before? I suppose you eat rice for dinner every night because consuming anything extravagant would be an insult to all of the starving people in the world? How about you just accept that we all have different wants and needs and that your way of living isn’t necessarily the only way of living?
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People think that Snow Leopard is a result of Apple being out of ideas

Windows Enthusiasts have worked hard to remain unimpressed with Apple. Despite selling a small minority of the entire world’s sum total of servers, desktops, and laptop systems, the company has maintained a profile larger that it seemingly should. How is it that nobody knows much about new models from HP or Dell, or new software feature in Vista, but everyone hears about the latest products from Apple?
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Myths of Snow Leopard 6: Apple is Out of Ideas!
Daniel Eran Diler
Apple’s limited comments on Snow Leopard, the next version of Mac OS X due in about a year, have opened the playing field for rampant speculation. Here’s a look at a series of myths that have developed around the upcoming release. The sixth myth of Snow Leopard:
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Use Your iPod Touch or iPhone as a remote control.

The latest developer release of iTunes has some very interesting things in the “Read Me”.
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Report: Apple homes in on iPod-iPhone remote control

Use iTunes 7.7 to sync music, video, and more with iPhone 3G, and download applications from the iTunes Store exclusively designed for iPhone and iPod touch with software version 2.0 or later. Also use the new Remote application for iPhone or iPod touch to control iTunes playback from anywhere in your home–a free download from the App Store.

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