Why do I need to know HTML to comment on a Web Site?

WordPress has shown how powerful a website can be as far as using a text editor online. Some websites make you have to know html codes like *</p>* or other HTML commands just to post to a topic on the website or to make a comment about a website that shows up in a site like Facebook or Myspace. If you don’t know HTML, your sentences get mixed into one paragraph because you didn’t use the paragraph command or the website that you want to share with someone does not show up as a clickable link when veiwed on other websites unless you use http:// and know the excact web address. http://www.mac.com shows up as text instead of a link like this mac.com.

These functions are availble in WordPress and are even included as add-ons to websites. Why do I have to download a certain application or add-on for this functionality? If a small developer can write application for Facebook called “Advance Wall”, why can IE or Safari have this

Developer of ‘Advanced Wall”
Phil Gibbons
Chicago, IL

Apple using ‘update’ to install Safari


Did Apple do anything wrong? Really?
Come on.
Windows’ User’s are so afraid of ANY application installing onto their computers. Most user’s don’t understand half of what is loaded onto their computers. Not that they are stupid, but because just surfing the internet is like entering a land mine of virus’s, bot’s, worms, adware, SPAM, trojans ect.
I installed Window’s XP fresh into Parallels and surfed on ‘safe’ sites for five hours. Sites like ABC News, Google, FoxNews, Facebook, and YouTube. I ran Norton Virus and SpyBot – I had picked up 6 virus’s, had 512 individual adware and spyware, and 118 tracking cookies.
It is not Apple’s fault that Window’s user’s are ‘distrustful’.
When Apple or Google or even Microsoft send me an update, I update. I do not see Apple doing anything that Google Pack or Google Desktop haven’t done.
If user’s are so afraid and need to have there trust gained by Mozilla and AOL, maybe the user’s should go somewhere else.
I am fearless on the internet.
Don’t be afraid people – come on.
Either demand better security from MS or switch to something else. Why are so many people afraid?
People demand a LOT from their Tech Products, Cell Phones, TV’s even Washing machines and Refrigerator’s.
Demand more from your Operating System.
If you had these kinds of problems with your Blackberry ,TV, DVD Players or iPod, people would be outraged. But people accept/expect it from Microsoft.
I, personally, would love to have more than basically 3 choices. If you don’t like MS, switch to Linux or Mac. If you don’t like those, there are Open Source Operating System’s just waiting to be snapped up. We should be able to choose our Operating System as we would our cell phones, MP3 players, HD TV’s. Any venture capitalists would make a fortune. Just think about how much money computer games make. Take that kind of investment and build an Operating System that blows Microsoft and Apple away. 

What do you think?

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