The web knows way too much about us

Very compelling web site that is based in Denmark. It shows you exactly what web servers know about you, just by surfing onto a web page. It shows weakness’s and vulnerability in even the most secure web browsers. Some of this information is needed, such as; do you have Quicktime or AcitiveX installed; does your browser support cookies; what version of Google toolbar (if any and what version) is installed; plus various software and firmware updater’s.

Some information I am not so clear on. Why would an internet web site need to know; Can your C Drive be shown? Number of CD ROM drives and drive letter; Certificates installed; host name or network name.


Os X Finally has a serious Trojan Threat

The only way to be infected is to download and execute the file.
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Mac OS X Trojan reported in the wild
On Thursday, security vendor SecureMac reported seeing new variants of AppleScript.THT Trojan horse in the wild affecting users of Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.
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